10 Best Gifts For Boudoir Photographers

I asked boudoir photographers what ideal gift over $100 they want the most. Here’s what they said:

1. A regularly scheduled cleaning service from Molly Maid to keep the house clean and the business running!

regular cleaning service boudoir photography gift woman cleaning window
woman wearing a mask cleaning a window

“I want a house cleaner! Because I’m tired of spending my days ‘off’ mopping & cleaning toilets.” – Nicole Nichols, Nicole Nichols Photography

2. Healthy, easy-to-make, delivered meals from HelloFresh because who has the time?

HelloFresh delivered meal menu items
six HelloFresh deliverable meal menu items

“I would get meals delivered! Out of all the great things that have been happening, healthy meals have not been part of that! We eat at around 5:30 and when I’m not getting home until around then, it poses a bit of a problem!” – Cyndee Wanyoni, Boudoir Defined

3. A Total Wellness Membership at M.C. Spa for the photographer who’s always pampering others.

spa massage oil
spa employee pouring oil onto woman lying face-down

“1-year membership for a monthly massage! We are all about preaching self-care and need to practice it, too!” – Sivan Rettew, Lovely In Lace

4. How about a round-trip plane ticket from JetBlue to the dream vacation of a lifetime?

suitcase luggage vacation camera laptop photographer
open suitcase and luggage with camera and laptop

“Round plane ticket to my home island! Do some destination boudoir while I’m visiting.” – Kim Ortiz, Boudoir By Kim Ortiz

5. A Luxe Wings angel wings prop from Leah Maria Couture so every boudoir client feels absolutely divine.

Supernova Boudoir Leah Maria Couture angel wings photography prop
woman in lingerie wearing Leah Maria Couture angel wings prop

“I would get a set of wings because I think they would help to get ladies excited for a future shoot! I think they are beautiful, so feminine, and would definitely help to inspire the confidence that most ladies have deep down but haven’t let come to the surface yet. ?” – Jenn Maeson, Jennifer Maeson Photography

6. A monogrammed Cairo Robe by Matouk from Fine Linens for the complete luxury boudoir experience.

monogram fluffy spa boudoir photography Cairo robe Mantouk Fine Linens
fluffy white monogramed robe folded on a table

“I’d get a couple of these branded for the studio. Here’s why: when I walk into a spa, the first thing they do is hand me a plush, oversized bathrobe to change into. This soothes and relaxes me and the quality of the robe sets me in the mood for this luxurious experience I’m about to have. My mindset isn’t on what I’m paying for it – it’s on I’m being pampered, doted on, and made to feel important. I’d love to add to the experience I give my clients by putting them in the same mindset.” – Amanda Marquis, Marquis Moments Boudoir

7. A gift card for a one-year subscription to Heymarket to reach out and grab those bookings!

Heymarket mass automated text message campaign demonstration
demonstration of automated text messaging Heymarket campaign

“The way people connect has changed and right now that means texting. Emails don’t get checked often, phone calls get sent to voicemail due to scammers calling. Text messages are read and more likely to be replied to. People don’t feel obligated to reply but can more quickly if they choose. This platform makes reaching out so easy and getting those extra bookings!” – Emma Powell, Emma Estell Photography

8. A Sigma 24-70 mm camera lens from B & H Photo Video because every artist needs her favorite tools.

best camera lens gift for boudoir photographers Sigma 24 70 mm
Sigma 24 to 70 mm camera lens

“No brainer for me – it would be a lens. ? I’ve only ever had and shot with my basic 50 mm. I want the 24-70 mm art series lens from Sigma!” – Katja Wright, Iris Boudoir

9. This Novogratz Brittany Futon to complete the perfect boudoir set.

Novogratz Brittany Futon boudoir lounge couch furniture gift
white Novogratz Brittany Futon sitting in a room

“I would get a new couch to shoot on. I’ve been eyeing this one for a few weeks… And it would make my husband feel less like I’m taking over our house with shooting scenes and make our front room feel more usable when people come over – so bonus.” – Samantha Lynn, Samantha Byrd Photography

10. A full year of marketing coaching from The High Rollers Club because nothing can stop you from turning your photography business into pure profit.

The Higher Rollers Club photography business marketing coaching Humberto Garcia
text of how The High Rollers Club helps photographers

“Oh, a year of coaching with Humberto Garcia ??❤️” – Sascha Paul Knopf, Knopfoto

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All reviews for this post were edited for comprehension and easy-reading.


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