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    How to Rank Your Photography Business using ChatGPT You Need To Use in 2023!

    Humberto GarciaHumberto Garcia is the world’s leading photography business growth expert. Founder of Photography to Profits and high-performance coach to multiple 6-figure photography businesses. Humberto coaches photographers from his special operations military experience and photography sales and marketing experience. After years of high performance in Marine Special Operations and building businesses, he knows what works. […]

    How to Rank Your Photography Business using ChatGPT You Need To Use in 2023!

    chatgpt for photography studio seo video thumbnail

     How to Rank Your Photography Business On Google With ChatGPT ChatGPT is the most valuable tool you can use in your photography studio. If you’re in need of content for your website to help you rank for long tail keywords, this video will show you how to rank your photography studio. This video includes […]

    How to use ChatGPT and AI tools in your photography business!

    photography to profits ai tool blog

    As a photographer, you know that running a successful business is just as important as taking great photos. Luckily, with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), photographers now have access to a variety of tools that can help streamline operations, save time and money, and provide a better customer experience. One of these tools is […]

    How to Grow a Boudoir Photography Studio: Liberation Boudoir

    Liberation Boudoir Cover

     Astrid Morgreen, a boudoir photographer located in Miami, explains her passion for boudoir photography in a video. Boudoir photography is a genre that focuses on women and showcases their beauty. Astrid emphasizes that boudoir photography is not just about seducing men but making women feel beautiful and embracing their womanhood. She explains her studio […]

    P2P Boudoir Live 2022 in Las Vegas

    Working remotely allows flexibility and the luxury to work from anywhere. The negative side? You typically don’t see your coworkers… except through a zoom screen. But this year’s Boudoir Live 2022 Conference was different. To the team’s surprise, Manager Vivian announced that the whole team was invited to accompany Humberto, Jenn, and the Photography To […]

    How to Market Your Photography Business: 17 Wildly Effective Ways to Get Clients

    Marketing Your Photography Business - 17 Ways to Get Clients

    So you want to be a full-time photographer. You’ve decided to follow your dreams and you’re committed to doing whatever it takes to get there. News flash! You don’t have to blindly throw yourself into the photography business to be a world-class photographer. Success is actually just around the corner. Today, step into your worth […]

    PPP Loan Forgiveness for Photography Businesses – Late 2020 Update

    PPP Loan Forgiveness for Photographers, calculator image

    If you’re a photography studio that took out the PPP loan, you’re probably on the edge of your seat waiting for forgiveness applications to be accepted. The other day, Chase Bank sent me this online application to get your PPP loan forgiven. Even if you don’t use Chase, you’ll see which forms and information you’ll […]

    10 Best Gifts For Boudoir Photographers

    I asked boudoir photographers what ideal gift over $100 they want the most. Here’s what they said: 1. A regularly scheduled cleaning service from Molly Maid to keep the house clean and the business running! “I want a house cleaner! Because I’m tired of spending my days ‘off’ mopping & cleaning toilets.” – Nicole Nichols, […]

    The Best Genre to Start a Business in Photography: Boudoir

    Boudoir photography fastest growing category

    Boudoir photography is the most profitable genre of photography out there – and it’s growing fast! If you’re considering getting started in boudoir photography, go for it! Now is the perfect time to switch up your business strategy and start shooting something you love – and making a profit. As the founder of Photography to […]