Boudoir Photography Studio Runs 30 over 30 Campaign – Marketing Case Study

 In this video, our client shares her incredible journey of transitioning from a seasoned wedding photographer to a successful boudoir photographer. Despite being a stay-at-home mom with no time to learn ad management, she trusted our company with her advertising needs. Within a few months, she experienced her best financial month ever, surpassing her […]

How to Book More Photography Sessions With These 4 Simple Tips 2024

Book more photography clients

 How do you get more photography inquiries? How do you get more photography clients? Why’d the choose your competitor over you!? That’s what we’re covering in today’s video! About Photography to Profits and Humberto Garcia Humberto Garcia is the world’s leading photography business growth expert. Founder of Photography to Profits and high-performance coach to […]

Generating Leads for a Newborn and Maternity Studio

You know what they say – “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But in today’s case study Newborn and Maternity Studio, a picture had become worth a thousand worries. 🙁 Let’s cover: Generating Leads for a Newborn and Maternity StudioThis studio had been riding high on the wave of success for years. Their studio was booked […]

What’s the Best Genre of Photography for Growing a Business? Carolina Winata Answers

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 What’s The Best Genre of Photography to Grow a Business With Caroline Winata Caroline, an Indonesian-born artist who moved to California, discusses how she started her successful photography business, specializing in various genres such as boudoir, seniors, pets, people, and weddings. She attributes her success to her dedication to her craft, her team of […]

Building a Successful Boudoir Photography Studio With Evoke Boudoir. 500k+ a year in Revenue!

washington dc north virgina boudoir photographer.jpg evoke boudoir

 $500,000 a Year Boudoir Studio with Evoke Boudoir Today we interview Danielle Tercerio, the owner of Evoke Boudoir, who shares her journey to success in her photography business. She emphasizes taking small calculated risks, charging accordingly, and forming partnerships with other women-owned businesses. Danielle also values flexibility and prioritizes her family, children, happiness, and […]

Can Photography Studios Outside the United States do In-Person Sales? IPS

brisbane boudoir photographer

 Can Photography Studios Outside the United States do In-Person Sales? IPS Mel and Dave are a successful husband and wife photography team, who have been operating Angelized Professional Photography for over 15 years. They initially started with Mel running the business, while Dave supported financially, but he eventually transitioned to a more behind-the-scenes role. […]

Uber Driver Turned Professional Boudoir Photographer |

corey brandon boudoir

 Can men be boudoir photographers? Can you book client’s from Tiktok? Join us for an exciting episode of Humberto Garcia’s Photography Profits, where we sit down with Corey Garrison from Cory Brandon Boudoir. With a background in Uber driving and sales, Corey followed his passion for photography and created a thriving business in a […]

How to Grow a Newborn and Maternity Photography Studio with Steinartstudio

 Want to know how to market a newborn and maternity photography studio? I interviewed Kristinka & Katelyska Stein a mother and daughter duo that run a newborn and maternity studio out of central Florida. They did over $300,000 in their first full year in the state and almost broke $500,000 last year. We covered […]

How to Rank Your Photography Business using ChatGPT You Need To Use in 2023!

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 How to Rank Your Photography Business On Google With ChatGPT ChatGPT is the most valuable tool you can use in your photography studio. If you’re in need of content for your website to help you rank for long tail keywords, this video will show you how to rank your photography studio. This video includes […]

How to use ChatGPT and AI tools in your photography business!

photography to profits ai tool blog

As a photographer, you know that running a successful business is just as important as taking great photos. Luckily, with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), photographers now have access to a variety of tools that can help streamline operations, save time and money, and provide a better customer experience. One of these tools is […]

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