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Essential Marketing Practices for Sports Photographers

Sports photographers often face the challenge of attracting new prospects and a steady flow of bookings. Follow these sports photography marketing strategies if you’re looking to grow your portfolio and client base.

1. Go local

Partnering with local schools and sports teams is a good way to build your portfolio and gain contacts. Speak to the league director, coach, team captain, or key members of the team about the services you provide and ask if you can document one of their games as a trial offer.

From team photos to yearbook shots, know their needs and learn the right styles for each type of shoot. You can provide each team member with a few prints or upload your photos on a site where clients can print them anytime for a small fee. This is a great way to advertise to large numbers of people all at once. Alternatively, you can hand out flyers or business cards before and after sports events. Being active in the local sports community is a great first step to getting your name out there.

2. Move up to the pros

Once you’ve dominated the local scene, you can start aiming for bigger leagues and tournaments. Reach out to sports journalists and professional sports photographers for tips and leads. Contact newspaper or magazine agencies or and check if they’re hiring a photographer for their sports page. The experience and connections you get from working for a publication will surely benefit you for years.

3. Create a Google My Business Listing

With 90% of consumers researching products or services online prior to buying them, it’s critical to ensure you’re discoverable on major search engines. Getting listed on Google My Business, for example, makes you more visible to people who are actively seeking for your services. When a user searches for sports photographers in your area, they’ll immediately have access to your contact information.

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