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Get a surge of traffic toward your photography website using PPC and Google Adwords. We at Photography to Profits will set it up for you.

It’s not enough that you have a website with gorgeous photos. You’re competing against hundreds, if not thousands, other great websites. Every inch of ground you gain online will make a huge difference in getting ahead. This is where our brand of digital marketing comes in. We focus on getting you leads, sales, and profit.

Advertising tactics like PPC ads and Google Adwords can significantly help your website get attention. Whether you’re a wedding, product, portrait, or travel photographer, when used correctly, these can provide the boost you need to get your photos out there.

Positivie ROI

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PPC for Photographers

Building your site’s authority or popularity takes time. Using the right tools and creative campaigns, over time, your website will gradually increase its traffic. In the meantime, you can use PPC ads and Google Adwords to get hits.

PPC or pay per click ads are exactly what they sound like. Your listing will be placed on top of the Google results and you only pay for the clicks that you get. The results are measurable so you can set specific targets. It’s also easy to shift tactics in the middle of a PPC campaign depending on the performance of your current ads. Google Adwords works similarly.

Aside from being cost-effective, these ads are customizable and retargetable based on your preference.

Working with us

Signing up with us as your digital marketing partners will ensure you at least double your online performance. We’ve helped a lot of photographers transition from simply doing something they’re passionate about to making about $30,000 every month with it.

We can also help improve your website design and social media consistency. By the time we’re done, you’ll at least double the amount of traffic that goes into your website.

Give us a call or fill out this online form to reach out to us. Let’s talk about PPC and Google Adwords for your photography business.

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