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Want to know how to market a newborn and maternity photography studio? I interviewed Kristinka & Katelyska Stein a mother and daughter duo that run a newborn and maternity studio out of central Florida. They did over $300,000 in their first full year in the state and almost broke $500,000 last year. We covered their: biggest breakthroughs what’s led to their success average sale ($4,500) where they get clients how their day to day has changed when they focused on marketing what their future plans are! SteinartStudio is a Central Florida Orlando-based newborn and maternity photography business owned by mother and daughter Kristinka and Katelyska Feinstein. They made over $300,000 in their first year after relocating to Florida and almost made $500,000 in 2022. Kristinka has been an artist since she was young and Katelyska started taking pictures at 12. Kristinka was a forensic investigator and Katelyska runs the business and marketing side of the business. Want us to help you generate more leads and bookings in your photography studio? Visit us at

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