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    11 Things I Wish I Knew Before Running My First Facebook Ad

    I didn’t get good results from my first foray into Facebook Ads. I couldn’t track the results from my Facebook Ads. Were they really working as well as intended—or at all? Facebook Ads felt like little more than a waste of time. Then, I discovered these key details about Facebook Ads, and they changed my […]

    10 Proven Ways to Bring in More Photography Clients

    You always need more clients. Each client is important, especially the ones that stay with your business long-term—but how do you connect with new photography clients? These ten great marketing strategies will help you increase your client base, raise your sales, and improve awareness of your photography. Strategy #1: Facebook Ads Running Facebook Ads are […]

    Three Step Guide to Using Natural Light To Your Advantage

    3 Step Guide to Using Natural Light To Your Advantage Natural lighting is hands down the best way to illuminate your photographs. The way the light looks in pictures is the best you are going to get. Cloudy days actually make for better photos as well because the shadows on the subjects are minimized. Natural […]

    The “5×7” Technique That Will Boost Your Bookings By 2X

    Watch the walk-through video  If you enjoyed this “5X7” technique, you’ll love this simple 4 step marketing strategy system to help build your successful photography business.  Two of the many mistakes photographers are making, that they don’t even realize, are not calling back their inquiries or are calling back too late. Most potential clients […]

    How to Do In-Person Sales (Even When You Don’t Like Sales)

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    As a photographer, one of the most difficult parts of conducting business is the need to do sales. You like taking pictures. Sales, on the other hand, isn’t your strong suit. You’re not alone! There are many photographers who struggle with in-person sales (IPS). Those sales efforts, however, are the key to connecting with your […]

    Prime Time: When is the Best Time for Photographers to Post to Social Media?

    When is the best time for photographers to post on social media? Using social media is crucial for the budding photographer to get their work noticed and recognized. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat offer great ways for photographers to share their work with the rest of the world, but they can be tricky […]

    4 Tips to Hacking Facebook’s Algorithm

    4 Ways to Hack Facebook’s Algorithm When people think of social media, they immediately think of Facebook. Facebook is the dominant platform for social media, with over one billion members. But it’s important to remember that Facebook is a business, and because of this, it is profit-oriented. When you log into Facebook, you see advertisements […]

    5 Adword Tricks to Land 5 Photography Clients Fast

    5 Adword Tricks to Land Your Next 5 Photography Clients Pay-per-click ads are one of the fastest ways to get traffic. AdWords is always a good choice if you want to get new customers fast and your SEO campaigns aren’t giving you the results you hoped for. SEO is worthwhile, but it takes time and […]

    4 Ways to Build the Backlinks You Need

    4 Ways to build backlinks When you’re trying to increase your SEO, you need backlinks to help get your website noticed. Backlinks tell Google, “Hey, this content is good enough that someone else was willing to use it as a reference! That means that you should take note of it, too!” Unfortunately, building those backlinks […]

    5 Steps to Making Money as a Photographer

    How to make money as a Photographer Have you found yourself living as a “starving artist?” Perhaps you’ve recently embarked on a career as a photographer and you’re struggling to get that big start, or maybe you’ve been dabbling in photography for years, but you just haven’t been able to get it to kick off […]