How to Grow a Boudoir Photography Studio: Liberation Boudoir

Ever wonder what it takes to grow a boudoir photography studio? How to generate leads or ultimately book clients?

I interviewed Astrid Morgreen from Liberation boudoir where she discusses how she runs and operates her business since launching in 2020. Before that Astrid didn’t have a dedicated space and wasn’t focused on Boudoir.

So what happened that led her to having a 400k+ year in 2023?

A lot!

First she adjusted her prices and is charging accordingly with a super powerful in-person sales system. She averages over $4,500 from every client that walks in her door and she delivers far more value to them than they pay her which makes this a win win!

Second, she’s automated so much of her business that she gets leads on autopilot every single day. Leads get automatic emails, texts, and can even schedule their own appointments.

Thirdly, she has super predictable lead sources. She gets a lot of traffic organically from search and social media but what’s really put her over the top is the paid marketing campaigns she runs on Facebook and Google Ads. This allows her to focus on shooting, editing, and selling, which she loves the most, and allows us, her marketing team, to bring in qualified high paying women from all of Florida.

Astrid Morgreen, a boudoir photographer located in Miami, explains her passion for boudoir photography in a video. Boudoir photography is a genre that focuses on women and showcases their beauty. Astrid emphasizes that boudoir photography is not just about seducing men but making women feel beautiful and embracing their womanhood. She explains her studio setup, which is designed to be easy to move around, in order to create a lot of variety in her sets. Additionally, she also talks about how her studio is set up to be able to adapt to Miami’s unpredictable weather and her favorite props. Astrid also shares that she has always been interested in art and has turned that passion into a career as a boudoir photographer.


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