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    The “5×7” Technique That Will Boost Your Bookings By 2X

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    If you enjoyed this “5X7” technique, you’ll love this simple 4 step marketing strategy system to help build your successful photography business. 

    Two of the many mistakes photographers are making, that they don’t even realize, are not calling back their inquiries or are calling back too late.

    Most potential clients are submitting inquiries to dozens of photographers they find online just to check out their options. This is why being the first photographer to call them will increase your chances of booking them.

    The 5X7 technique will increase your chances of booking a client by 22X!

    These two simple concepts will help you turn inquiries into paying clients.

    Don’t wait to call back your prospects.

    When somebody fills out your form or calls you to inquire, you should always call them back within five minutes. This is especially important if the inquiry comes from a Facebook Ad or Google search.

    People are mostly always surprised when you call them back so fast, giving them a lasting impression.

    If you’re able to get them on the phone, ask them as many questions as possible! You want to get your potential client to convince themselves to hire you. Many times they don’t even know what type of questions to ask you.

    The money is in the follow-up.

    You want to follow up with your potential client at least 7 times.

    Life does get in the way for many people and they are not able to pick up the phone all the time. Getting them on the phone the fifth time you contact them, may be the phone call that gets them to book you!

    Follow up until they book with you or they say no.

    Also, not every point of contact has to be a phone call. Email and messaging count as well.

    You might be thinking that contacting someone up to 7 times is too much but being the one photographer showing interest could be the decision maker for your client.

    To recap…

    Call your inquiry within 5 minutes of getting a notification and if they don’t make a decision on the initial call follow up with them up to 7 times or until they say no.

    Setting up a system for your bookings is just one part of building your successful photography business.

    Learn the simple 4 step marketing strategy system photographers are using to build their 100K a year photography business!


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