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    The 7 Step System to Increasing Your Bookings Over the Phone

    Ever feel like you’re doing everything to generate inquiries and conversations but you can’t get people to commit to sessions or weddings?

    Are you frustrated in doing tons of work to get traffic and inquiries for your business but still not getting enough clients?

    One of the most effective ways to fix this is by simply increasing your closing rate once that inquiry comes in. It’s one of the fastest ways to start generating more revenue and to give you momentum to start advertising and marketing more.  

    Below I’ve drawn out the top 7 strategies to increasing your bookings so that you can stop wondering what happened to that inquiry that ghosted your email.

    Step 1: Start Connecting

    An initial connection with your prospect is going to go a long way so don’t just jump right into your script.

    Have a little chit chat first, find out who they are, how long they’ve lived in the area for. Find out about their family, interests hobbies etc.

    You’re looking for something to connect and bond with them over whether it’s the local bakery, a mutual friend you have or a common interest you share.

    People love talking about themselves so don’t deprive them of it. If you’re able to show a little part of them in you then they’ll be more inclined to work with their new friend than the next photographer down on google business listing.

    Step 2: Don’t send your pricing over instant messenger (It never works)

    It’s convenient…

    You don’t want to bother them….

    They wouldn’t have booked anyway…

    I get it. The problem is you really don’t know.

    By sending someone your pricing via text, email, or any other instant messenger you’re not giving yourself the opportunity to connect with your prospect, sell them on the idea of why they should work with you, and remove any objections they may have about your pricing.

    You’re just continuing to throw your hat in the same ring as all your competitors.

    So choose to be different, to connect with them, and to give them that extra personal service…

    Interested in booking more clients over the phone in less than an hour? Click here.

    Step 3: Be Prepared and practice

    Yes practice!

    You’ll keep getting better. If you’re not currently doing consultations on the phone it may be uncomfortable at first (all the best things are).

    But keep practising. Don’t give up until you get around that turn and you’ll start seeing dramatic differences in your booking rate and the comfort you’re building with your customers. On the backend you may even start seeing more referrals due to making this change.

    Preparation for your calls is vital so make sure 5 minutes before the call you’re ready with your script, all distractions are away, and you’re able to give your full attention to your prospect.

    A good tip would be to do some power poses before your call too. Check out Amy Cuddy’s talk about this – I love this Ted Talk.

    Step 4: Have a script

    You’re worried about not sounding natural?

    Well I’m worried that you’re going to forget very important questions you need to be asking your prospects.

    I’ve seen incredible results once my clients start using scripts. I’ve even had some clients get incredible results, then have a big drop (they left the script behind), and then go back to the script and get back to their high closing rates.

    Without a script you have no map. You’re failing to prepare and preparing to fail.

    As you work with your script over time it’ll start to flow and be your handy dandy toolbox for having the most bookings you’ve ever seen.

    Need a consultation script so you know exactly what to say and how to say it?

    Step 5: Listen

    Most photographers talk about themselves. They get stuck going into a pitch fest of all the client is going to get, the camera they use, the amount of digitals they’ll receive and their unique style of shooting.

    Stop….Just stop…

    This isn’t about you.

    It’s about them.

    So talk about them. Ask them what they’re looking for, what their hopes are and what the reason behind wanting to hire you is. Dig in deep here and unseat their wants, fears, and dreams.

    If you’re able to uncover these things and remove objections they may have about working with you then you’ll be 10 steps ahead of any of your competitors in your market.

    Step 6: Ask them to commit to the next step

    You always want to be moving them toward the next step. Without asking if they want to go ahead and book you’re going to decrease the amount of clients you’re going to get so always ask.

    If the client isn’t ready to move ahead, or they need to talk it over with their spouse, or they’re still shopping around that’s ok.

    You’re not going to close 100% of your inquiries on that first consultation but still get them to commit to a next step with you. So in these instances at the very least ask when they think they’ll be making the decision by and schedule a follow up call for them on that day.

    Getting them to commit to something in the future with you is a further investment of their time in working with you and is  only going to increase your chances of them choosing you over someone else.

    Do not take this step for granted.

    Step 7: Bring it all together. (Your ability to connect is part of your brand)

    Every step and interaction your prospects take with you is giving them a perceived brand value of what you’re worth and whether or not they should be working with you.

    By connecting with them on the phone you’ll be increasing your brand value far above any email or pricing package can do for them.

    As you jump into improving your consultation calls make sure that  you’re answering objections they have with your script and don’t forget to follow up with prospects who haven’t gotten back to you.

    If you’re ready to take the next step and boost your bookings then you can learn how to Here.

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