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    10 Best Gifts For Boudoir Photographers

    I asked boudoir photographers what ideal gift over $100 they want the most. Here’s what they said: 1. A regularly scheduled cleaning service from Molly Maid to keep the house clean and the business running! “I want a house cleaner! Because I’m tired of spending my days ‘off’ mopping & cleaning toilets.” – Nicole Nichols, […]

    A New Approach To SEO In 2022

    You’re probably tired of waiting forever to get results from conventional SEO. We’ve seen what most of the top SEO Gurus have been saying. Everyone says it takes more than 6 months, and sometimes even up to a year to see hardcore results. Well, I’ve got some good news and bad news. I’ll start with […]

    The 7 Step System to Increasing Your Bookings Over the Phone

    Ever feel like you’re doing everything to generate inquiries and conversations but you can’t get people to commit to sessions or weddings? Are you frustrated in doing tons of work to get traffic and inquiries for your business but still not getting enough clients? One of the most effective ways to fix this is by […]

    How to Make Your First $1000 as a Photographer

    How to Make Your First $1000 If you’re struggling to convert your photography hobby into an effective business venture, you’re not alone! Many photographers find that when the time comes to stop shooting photos for friends and family alone and start shooting for paying customers, they struggle with the transition. If you’re ready to stop […]

    Getting To Your First 1K Followers On Instagram

    How To Get Your First 1K Followers On Instagram For many, photography is simply an art form – a way to express yourself or to see the world in a new light. But for others, photography is not only art, but a business. They enjoy taking pictures, but want to make a living from it […]

    How to Build a FB Group for Your Photography Business


    The Definitive Guide To Building and Maintaining a Photography Client Facebook Group! Creating a free Facebook group for your photography business is an easy way to book more clients, as well as maintain a place to build trust and value within your community. Because you have full control as the group creator and administrator, you […]

    Why My Gym Sent Me To Debt Collections


    Something shocking happened to me about a year ago. I was sent to debt collections by my gym, through no fault of my own. My credit card had been stolen and the thief racked up tons of charges. Thankfully, the charges were reversed when I reported the card stolen, but not every subscription on autopay […]

    How to Use The Dream 100 Strategy to Market Your Photography Business

    How to Market to Your Ideal Photography Client with the Dream 100 Strategy

    How do you get in front of hundreds, even thousands, of potential clients without paying for ads or doing a crazy choreographed dance on TikTok? Looking at the launch of Disney+ reveals a strategy most major corporations do… but few small businesses attempt. How is Disney marketing Disney+ to millions of potential customer and how […]

    2020 Facebook Ads Guide for Photographers

    facebook advertising for photographers

    Facebook Ads offer a ton of advantages for your photography business. For many photographers, Facebook ads are a better investment than Google Ads or other SEO strategies for one simple reason: Facebook Ads can reach people that don’t even realize they need your business! Creating powerful and targeted ad copy, you can reach moms-to-be to […]

    How to Get More Google Reviews for Your Photography Business


    You rely on Google reviews to set your reputation online. Five-star Google reviews can raise your search ranking and help you get in those critical top three results—especially the maps results that pop up at the top on mobile. Not only that, your average star rating will make a big difference in whether or not […]