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    4 Ways to Build the Backlinks You Need

    4 Ways to build backlinks

    When you’re trying to increase your SEO, you need backlinks to help get your website noticed. Backlinks tell Google, “Hey, this content is good enough that someone else was willing to use it as a reference! That means that you should take note of it, too!” Unfortunately, building those backlinks that you so desperately need can feel like an ongoing challenge that you’re not prepared to meet. Whether you’ve been struggling for years to build the backlinks your webpage needs or you’d like new ways to meet the challenge of raising your search engine ranking, try these four strategies to help build links back to your website.

    1. Write Amazing Content

    Content always wins! Most people are highly unlikely to link to your product or services pages. They will, however, link back to great content that offers genuine benefit to your readers. If you want to be sure that you’re producing great content for your website, make sure you’re following these tips.

    Carefully think through your customers’ pain points and how you can help solve them. What questions does your customer service team get tired of hearing? What content can you create that will genuinely help customers with their current needs?

    Pay attention to your sources. When you create content, where do you get your information? Are your sources accurate and trustworthy? Great content is as trustworthy as your company is–and that means your sources need to be, too.

    Make sure your content is easy to scan. Since only about 16% of people actually read every word that you’ve written, you need to produce content that can be quickly scanned for important details.

    Respond to your users. Interact on social media. Know what types of content your customers and others within your industry are looking for so that you can take the steps to produce it!

    2. Create Case Studies

    One of the best ways to build links back to your website is to ask for them! That doesn’t mean you should solicit random websites to link back to your content. Instead, create case studies of your customers. Show which customers are doing something very well. Take care to choose the right candidates: you want your case study to either show the solution to a common problem or to indicate how others can see the same success your case studies have. Then, invite the companies you’ve studied to link back to your content! In many cases, it’s a win for both of you: increased advertising for your case study and links and advertising for your website.

    3. Go Beyond the Blog

    Blogs are an excellent source of information for your customers. They’re quick, easy, and you can create large quantities of content quickly. Your blogs, however, shouldn’t be your only source of content. Think about the types of information that your customers need in more depth. Try some of these content types to help encourage links back.

    Ebooks: Longer-form content allows you to provide your customers with more information, which means that they’ll be more likely to link back to what you’ve created. Ebooks often seem more authoritative than simply blog posts, which increases the odds that you’ll build links. In some cases, ebooks can also be used as an additional source of revenue for the company.

    Guides: Create comprehensive how-to guides that will cover the essential questions your customers have about your products, your industry, and more. The more detailed your guide is, the better the odds that you’ll have the answers to questions that no one else has answered–and that means you’ll get links to your content from other people writing about those topics.

    Cheat Sheets: Everyone likes to feel as though they’re cheating the system–and they want to do it as easily as possible. By creating detailed cheat sheets, you can appeal to that internal sense that your customers are winning simply by connecting with your content. Not only that, cheat sheets give you the chance to offer little tips and tricks that your customers will be eager to share with others who use your company.

    4. Design Infographics

    Infographics are fast becoming one of the most fascinating and useful forms of content on the internet. People like them. They link to them. From there, your content quickly goes viral–and that means a lot of backlinks. If you’ve been avoiding infographics, consider these advantages:

    Customers can quickly and easily find exactly the information they’re searching for in an infographic.

    Infographics are simple and easy to absorb, which means that customers are more likely to read all of the content presented in them.

    Infographics are eye-catching and pleasing to look at, which means that customers are more likely to engage with them.

    Infographics are high-impact, offering a quick view of exactly what you want your customers to absorb.

    Infographics need to be simple, creative, and easy to share. Since your goal is to create backlinks for your website, offering social sharing methods that are easily accessible from the webpage is one of the best ways to help customers distribute your content.

    Building backlinks is an ongoing process. To keep your search engine ranking high, you need to regularly create new content that will appeal to users and keep building those vital backlinks. Over time, however, you’ll discover that these efforts have produced solid results. When you produce great, interesting content that is beneficial to your users, they’ll keep linking back to your content–and that means your business will stay high in search engine rankings.


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